Animo is an XR Expert agency, Representing brands, Broadcasters and creatives, ensuring that best practice work is delivered and well placed for maximum exposure and ROI.



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Our founder, Andrew Bishop, has a real passion for the creative side of media and the positive effect that a memorable consumer experience can have. The XR marketplace is a rapidly growing space with technology progressing every day and is number 1 channel for consumer engagement. The market is becoming a more desirable and accessible option for advertising spend.

Andrew has 22 years experience in the consumer engagement advertising industry with strong client and agency relationships across many sectors and channels.

Andrew spent the last 10 years as a Business Director in the Cinema advertising world working with brands and agencies to drive creativity and ROI in the entertainment space. Previous to that Andrew spent 7 years with within the out of home market where an attentive audience with scale is so key to success so the more creative the campaign, the bigger the impact.

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