UNKNOWN work with the industries leading businesses and providers. Our core partners are game-changing disruptors who are defining the future of virtual reality entertainment.



XIST have developed an innovative and unique free-roam virtual reality system that, for the first time,  enables scalable, fully immersive, haptic-rich multiplayer experiences. 

The XIST solution is cost-effective and allows for free-roam systems to be rolled out to a wide range of locations and markets. 

The XIST technology delivers high quality graphics without the need for heavy backpack PCs, and utilises an innovative inside-out tracking solution to do away with the need for motion capture cameras, making it much more scalable and suitable for any size space.




Immersive are an innovative production studio with an expert team consisting of 3D modellers, filmmakers, storytellers, illustrators, artists, developers, designers, fabricators and creative technologists.


Creating experiences for a wide range of clients, agency partners and sectors from international charities like British Red Cross to premiership football teams like West Ham United to global retail giants such as IKEA, Immersive are one of the industries most experienced VR studios.